Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Little Family Outing

This weekend we did something we don't normally do - took the kids to Ft. Smith to the mall and out to eat at a real restaurant. I needed to have my wedding rings looked at so we needed to go and decided to chance it with the kids - they did alright. I am not against taking my kids out places, I just know their limits and try not to push them so that everyone stays happy.

We went to the mall first and Noah's face when we walked in was so funny - he kept saying "wow Momma, I love this place, it is so pretty here" :) I took them to Candy Craze and that was an adventure. The thought of them opening all the bins and reaching in with their hands never crossed my mind! The lady working there was not happy with me - but I say she just needed to lighten up a little :)

We were also looking for my dad a birthday present and a few other things so we went to Lowes, WalMart and Academy too. The kids were screaming and laughing (making everyone around us laugh) when they were chasing each other around or riding in the carts. They were having such a good time!

We ate at Red Lobster. The loved looking at the lobsters in the tank. They didn't like the wait for the food - but they were good considering how long it took. We had to chase Ryan down a few times, but no major meltdowns.

I remember getting to go lots of places with my parents when I was growing up and it was always so fun. I got a glimpse of that this weekend and can't wait for more family outings :)

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