Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Parties, An Award and Some Pool Time

We kicked off our weekend with movie night at home! We are trying to find old movies we liked when we were younger and watch them with our kids. So, Friday night we introduced them to Little Rascals. They loved it! I cannot imagine 5 year olds running around that freely in todays world like they were in that movie though - we just live in a different time now. Nathan barbecued chicken and I made sides and his favorite dessert (magic bars) and the kids loved all the food for once! It was a good night :)

Saturday we had a double birthday party for two boys in Noah's class at school. It was at the Bacchus Family Adventure Farm. We have had both kids parties there and love that place. It is so much fun and the kids just love the animals and activities. An F1 tornado came through there just a few days before the party and took out the nursery building. Sadly, they lost their wallaby and it's baby. Thankfully, the rest of the farm seemed ok and the owners had the best attitude about it. We fed animals, played football, rode the train, and played in the sun. It was a great party!

Later that day Noah had his awards ceremony for basketball. Noah seemed most improved on the team to me (in my unbiased mom opinion) - he came a long way this season. Nathan was head coach of a team for the first time and really did great! It wasn't as easy as he thought and I think he liked it more than he thought. Now, on to baseball and softball!

We got a nice surprise visit that evening from my older brother. He happened to be in town and got a hotel room so we all met at the hotel so the kids could swim and then went to dinner together. I don't get to see him and his girls much so it was so good to visit with them. 9 Gunn kids in a pool made for a wild Saturday night!

Sweet Mermaid Emmie
Sunday we went to Church and spent the afternoon doing a little shopping for house renovation stuff and future birthday presents :) We ended our weekend with dinner at Noah's favorite restaurant Sumo. 

Now onto visiting with friends from out of state, a celebration of life, a birthday party and whatever else we can get into before losing an hour of sleep on Sunday!

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